Don’t Mess with the Midnight Cowboy

Jul 28th, 2014 Celebrity Encounters, Family & Friends, Work Douglas 1 min read

Remarkably, I never considered the possibility that my day would begin with a lecture from the Midnight Cowboy on proper familial noms de guerre but that’s exactly what happened. Never one to pass up on a free meal, I jumped at the chance to join my employer, Dr. Shell, and actor Jon Voight for breakfast. Their conversation ranged from health care, politics, to Jon’s latest…

The Shoe Incident

Dec 11th, 2007 Work Douglas 1 min read

If only success could be measured in shoes… It all started when I was back in Los Angeles last week on work. Wrapping up a meeting with an important client, I noted that he had not been wearing his shoes the entire time he was in the conference room. He then explained they were new and uncomfortable. Motioning to the shoes, he offhandedly remarked you…

The Million Dollar Idea

Oct 19th, 2007 Work Douglas 2 min read

It was a “million dollar idea” and it belonged to me! But I wasn’t greedy so I shared it with a friend, who shared it with his boss, who then shared it with a global manufacturer and media conglomerate, who shared it with a television producer, who shared it a wireless carrier and a major cable network… And suddenly, this little million dollar idea was,…

Napping Businessmen

Jan 23rd, 2004 General, Travel, Work Douglas 1 min read

Note to self…. Ask someone why businessmen can often be seen taking afternoon naps in their automobiles, parked in plain view on city streets.

The Imaginary Employee

May 15th, 2001 Work Douglas 1 min read

What do you do when your employer denies a request for a new PC insisting that there must be one lying around unused? My answer – make up an imaginary employee to be assigned to the imaginary computer. That leaves you clear to order the needed PC. I approached HR to let them in on the joke, just to cover my tracks. An announcement was…

We’re Moving to Japan… Bail out!

Jan 17th, 1999 Family & Friends, Work Douglas 1 min read

Usually, people give 2 weeks’ notice when they plan on quitting a job. Today I gave 6 months notice. I have a lot of responsibility at work and it will not be easy to find a replacement. So I wanted to be fair to the owners who I consider my friends. Yumi’s family is very excited. But it’s hard to know for sure about Okaasan….

MacWorld Boston 1997

Aug 3rd, 1997 Work Douglas 1 min read

Since arriving in Boston I’ve spend most days demonstrating products and nights alone in the hotel while everyone else goes to parties. I’ve had plenty of invitations, just a little homesick I guess. On another note, the dialect here in Boston is very odd. Must be how Osaka-ben sounds to the rest of Japan. Even to me, Osaka-ben sounds very theatrical and dramatic. Whenever Yumi…