When Yumi received the phone call, I could tell she was gravely concerned. After all, her father’s health had deteriorated to the point of requiring dialysis three times a week. What I hadn’t expected when we arrived in Japan was how boastful he had become about his new found status. He was now officially “first class handicap,” and had a passport-like booklet to prove it. He flashed it every where we went and with as much authority as a police badge. Apparently, the benefit to having one includes parking wherever he wants, running red lights, and at the first sign of drizzle, backing up to the automated doors at shopping centers. And whenever he performed any of these tricks, I withdrew his booklet from the glove compartment, rolled down the window and flashed it at the stunned onlookers reassuring them, “Daijoubu! Handicap!” Yes, on that day a new superhero was born. Just wonder how Marvel missed this on?