Very tired so I have to make this short. The wedding was great. Got married in the same church as former President Ronald Reagan (the Little Brown Church in the Valley). The reception was great. But the fun came afterward. Slightly tipsy we arrived at the hotel. It was elegant, chocolates left on the pillows, a Jacuzzi tub and bottle of champagne awaited us. The hotel even supplied the band. Unfortunately, they were students participating in a statewide high school band competition had all chosen that night to check into our hotel. They then took turns stumbling down the hallway and knocking on our door, one drunk teen at a time. This went on for about an hour until we finally decided to leave. Midnight we arrived back at the apartment. We quietly snuck in the back door, hoping not to wake her family. Yumi placed her wedding dress by the door and then we left to return my parents’ car. When we arrived back at our apartment the lights were all on. It seems Yumi’s aunt had heard the noise at the back door and freaked out, thinking someone had broken in (and left a wedding dress???). They couldn’t sleep after that. So we all sat up until 3 am drinking and replaying the day’s events. As a side note: I think I’m going to really like being a part of this family. We may not speak the same language but we sure have a good time trying. Goodnight.