Remarkably, I never considered the possibility that my day would begin with a lecture from the Midnight Cowboy on proper familial noms de guerre but that’s exactly what happened. Never one to pass up on a free meal, I jumped at the chance to join my employer, Dr. Shell, and actor Jon Voight for breakfast. Their conversation ranged from health care, politics, to Jon’s latest project before landing on a subject that made me look up from my half-finished turkey bacon omelet and pay attention… daughters. Having two girls of my own, I was particularly interested in their experiences – Jon’s daughter being Angelina Jolie and Dr. Shell’s ambassador to Qatar. Sensing an opening, I began regaling them with an anecdote involving one of my girls when Jon interrupted, “How old are your daughters?” I explained they were both teenagers. “And they still call you Daddy?” he asked disapprovingly. Before the meal ended, Jon was nice enough to pen a personal note to my girls demonstrating “age-appropriate” usage: