Not many can say they joined student government in order to overthrow it. That’s exactly what we did. There were a group of kids at my high school who hung out at the Senior stage. A couple I knew from play production and several others through mutual friends. They had recently coerced a teacher into sponsoring their new club and invited me to join. They called themselves the “Society for the Promotion of Intellectual Thought” or SPIT. Its member were generally artists, musicians, bohemians, and even a few anarchists. The latter of which were actively encouraging club members to run for student government with the intention to then overthrow it. I was anything but a radical but it sounded like fun, so I stood for Senator… and won! Another member, Nick, ran for president and was actually elected. Unfortunately, before the coup de tête was in full effect, Nick was impeached for “conduct unbecoming.” This was tantamount to the beginning and end of my Activist phase.