It was the Summer of Love when Yumi’s dad, Yasuaki, made a decision that would forever change his life. The young man had vacation time saved up and decided to see the world. To live! Dressing the part, he bought a pair of black leather pants and jacket, greased up his hair, and jumped on the back of his motorcycle heading off for parts unknown. He had no intention of ever returning. He was tired of working at the hospital. Besides, he was sure he would find something more exciting and lucrative when the time was right. But for now, he blew through towns like a man without a care or purpose until… He ran out of gas and money. It now appeared the time was right.

Fortunately, there was one business in town still hiring, a small ice cream shop. That summer he did so well selling those frozen treats that he was positive he had found his calling. When its owner announced plans to shut down the business, Yasuaki sold his bike and borrowed money from family to buy the ice cream parlor from its eager owner. What he hadn’t counted on was Winter. And as the weather turned cold, the customers all but vanished. Within a few months the store went out of business and soon he found himself a Rebel Without a Job.