Usually, people give 2 weeks’ notice when they plan on quitting a job. Today I gave 6 months notice. I have a lot of responsibility at work and it will not be easy to find a replacement. So I wanted to be fair to the owners who I consider my friends. Yumi’s family is very excited. But it’s hard to know for sure about Okaasan. She doesn’t say much. I think she’s probably worried about our future. Maybe I am a little worried too. But I’m excited about introducing Emily to her Japanese family. So 6 months and counting!

Okaasan and the whole family are so excited about us moving to Japan. How can I tell them that today the company made me an offer I couldn’t refuse? To keep me they doubled my salary and gave me a promotion. We are supposed to leave for Japan in a few days. I think everyone will be disappointed when they find out we’re not moving. I hope it wasn’t a mistake. Besides, people in Osaka can appreciate a good deal, right?