When Yumi’s brother announced the date for his wedding we decided it would be a good time to visit Japan (my first time). We had another reason. Recently we had found out Yumi was pregnant. Only my family and her mom knew. We decided to keep it a secret until after Koji’s wedding so it wouldn’t be a distraction for his big day. But tonight they threw a special dinner for us. Yumi’s cousins took turns filling my glass. It was very cute (though I was still jet-lagged and having a hard time emptying the glass as fast as they poured). We dined in a private room in the restaurant. At one point, maybe feeling a little tipsy, I thought I was being asked to make a speech so I stood. With the table lower than my knees and everyone sitting on the ground, I soon realized there was no need to stand. I was already a foot taller than all but her brother. Everyone had worked so hard to make this evening special that I thought I should say something important. SO before I forgot the line I had worked so hard to memorize, I just blurted out… “Minasan. Yumi-chan wa akachan ga dekimashta” (“Yumi’s going to have a baby”). There was silence. Everyone looked confused. Had I said it wrong?Yumi nodded to her mom and she confirmed. I dropped back to the ground relieved and another round of drink pouring began.